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New Signature and Fundraising Goals

Thanks to all of your amazing help and support, NWI Region Resilience was able to gather 500 signatures and $1500 in funds by 4pm this past Tuesday. What an amazing achievement! Can you now help us get to 700 signatures?

We now enter the next phase of fundraising. Our current stretch goal is to raise another $1500 to fund a second intern ($3000 total). By having a second intern, more communities in the Region will be able to conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory of their own, as one intern can handle 3-5 communities. That means with a second intern, 6-10 communities will be able to participate.

So far, we have fundraised $2128 and have 605 signatures on our petition. We would love to reach the next stretch goals by the NIRPC Environmental Management and Policy Committee meeting on September 3rd, where the Resilience Cohort will be presented by our volunteers. That’s only 878 more dollars and 95 more signatures!

Thank you for your contributions! Please consider signing and donating if you haven’t already and share the petition and donation links with everyone you know! This is a grassroots effort, and everything helps. We cannot do this without you.

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