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U.S. Department of Energy Managers Commended CIVS-Industry partnerships

“The collaboration between Purdue University Northwest and U. S. Steel, as well as other industry team members, demonstrates the power of partnership in tackling both domestic manufacturing competitiveness and climate change. Through the Integrated Virtual Blast Furnace (IVBF) project supported by DOE, U. S. Steel Gary Works Blast Furnace #14 operations are positively impacted through process optimization and energy efficiency improvements. At the same time, the project highlights the significant potential to reduce CO2 emissions. DOE is proud to support this important project for the steel industry and looks forward to future collaboration,” said U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) representatives Dr. John ‘Nick’ Lalena (R&D Projects Technology Manager) and Kristen McDaniel (AMO Technical Project Officer), who had a productive visit to CIVS on October 4th for a project review. Read More…

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